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Earl was dead, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. To some, Earl was a king- to others, he was a tyrant. To some, Earl was a dear friend, a collaborator, an inspiration, the voice of a generation- to others, decomposing and giving the worms something to eat was the only worthwhile thing they ever did with their rotten fucking life. To some, Earl was a kind soul- a modern Mother Theresa- to others still, she was a cold-hearted bitch that would sell her own mother if she thought it would give her any kind of leg up. Earl is dead and buried. The wake is over. All that’s left is a room full of the people who knew Earl best, their hearts and minds that inevitably dwell on the past, and a bottle or three of something strong.

Goodbye Earl is a roleplaying drinking game about the complicated legacy the most important figures of our lives leave behind. It is for two and up players- the number of players is determined only by how much booze you have to share, the length is determined by how long you think you can pay attention.

Install instructions

Just download the game, get some booze, some friends who like to make stuff up, and play.


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